The St. Thomas More Society in Phoenix is an association of legal professionals whose mission is to preserve and promulgate the highest standards of professional knowledge, skills, integrity, ethics, civility, dignity and justice in accord with the best traditions of the legal profession and the Catholic Faith; and also to further the intellectual and spiritual growth, as well as the welfare of its members through cultivation and promotion of Catholic principles and traditions and their application to modern problems, including pro bono efforts and efforts to make the legal system more accessible, responsive and effective.

The Society’s goal is to inspire and lift up the minds and hearts of the Maricopa County legal community to follow the example of St. Thomas More by integrating God in every aspect of their legal practice. The Society seeks to accomplish this goal through CLE seminars, the annual Red Mass, community involvement and other inspirational and educational events with lots of interaction among the members.
Phoenix, Arizona

St. Thomas More Society