you are invited on Friday morning, June 16, to the State Bar Convention Religious Liberty Law Section (RLLS) Seminar, which will address important and challenging issues concerning the interplay between religious liberty rights and anti-discrimination laws.

Eschewing the vitriol that can sometimes accompany discussion of these sensitive issues, the RLLS Seminar provides a forum where the legal arguments can be civilly debated and disagreements respectfully explored by our distinguished faculty from:

Lambda Legal
The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
ACLU of Arizona
Alliance Defending Freedom
Stanford Law School
Arizona State University
Kirton McConkie
So, whether you are a seasoned advocate in these areas; or a practitioner trying to get a sense of the legal landscape; or simply an individual attempting to sort out the issues in your own mind, please come and …
1.  of religious liberty law as America’s first freedom, including what motivated the Founding Fathers    to constitutionally enshrine religious liberty under the free exercise and establishment clauses.
2. presenting opposing viewpoints by expert First Amendment practitioners on the fundamental            issue of how conflicts should be resolved as a legal matter when religious liberty rights and  
   anti-discrimination laws collide.
3. in a real-time, anonymous cell-phone survey on several hot topics percolating in legislative and      judicial forums relating to, or invoking, religious liberty; then, on those very issues, including: 
     a.  Religious freedom statutes (RFRA laws);
     b  Public employee rights to religious accommodations in the workplace;
     c.  Conflict over equal treatment of religious and non-religious organizations with respect to
         generally available public benefits.

See our seminar brochure here (Seminar F-36) for additional information.
For complete details about the Convention and to register, click on the link below:

SBA 2017 Annual Convention
Our Bar: Serving and Protecting the Public
Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa | Tucson, AZ

Prices go up June 2, so register today. 

 “In Search of a More Perfect Union:  When Rights of Religious Liberty and Anti-Discrimination Collide”

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